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Re: system time - thank you

daniele pendenza wrote:
> >If the adjtime file doesn't exist, the default is local time.
> and why not utc ?
> ;)

I have no idea.  You would need to ask the hwclock author.  I was
simply quoting the documentation.  Using UTC as a default would make
sense to me.  (shrug)

I always use UTC for the system clock for a Unix machine.  But people
who dual boot their systems with MS have to make a compromise because
MS chose localtime.  But localtime is a problem when you travel to
different timezones for example.

MS won't change but since we have the code for free software systems
everybody who decided to share their system with MS has to compromise
instead.  Or not.  I simply run the MS part of the multiboot system at
UTC being localtime.  That is plenty fine for me.
Mostly I never boot MS.  :-)


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