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system time - thank you

Thank you to all of you for your answers.
I found that by default the DEbian installer set yes as the value of the constant UTC - specified in the file /etc/default/rcS -. I switched it to NO and then back to YES : now the date command shows me the correct time.

So I think this is the general picture :
1 - when the system starts the value of the system time is defined taking into account the value of the RTC time the value of the UTC constant retrived at startup and the timezone information. 2 - when the system is up and running the system time is "the time that matters" - as you said - and, when requested, it is presented to users after the "timezone shift" eventually. 3 - when the system is shutdown the system time is _saved_ after calculations based on the same informations as in line 1.

If all that I wrote is correct : why the command ' hwclock --show --localtime' shows me the UTC time and 'hwclock --show --utc' shows me the localtime ?

I set up UTC=yes and the timezone is Europe/Rome and I don't have windows... uh

As last note I suggest to all the new at GNU/linux to read these messages we wrote and the 2nd part of the hwclock manpage.

Thank You, again !


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