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Re: debian(izeable) laptop (sound)

Hey Raffaele, 

I've never tried it on a laptop, (but I don't see why there would be a 
difference...) but I once tried to get a MOTU 828 firewire soundcard to work 
on my desktop, without even the slightest hint of success... but then again 
MOTU is notorious for bad support.
on the other hand, I've got an internal Terratec phase88 soundcard working 
fine(better than it does under windoss), but that's no use for a laptop, 
seeing as it's a pci card...

have a look on linux-sound.org and also linuxaudio.org for more info on what 
hardware works with linux

hope this helps....


On Wednesday 12 September 2007 15:47, Raffaele Morelli wrote:
> Hi you all,
> I am new to debian-laptop.
> I would like to buy a laptop and install debian on it. My goal is to get
> sound system working percfectly on it so I would like to have some feedback
> from the list about this.
> debian-user list reported IBM Thinkpad to be a good host for debian;
> searching the archives the sound system management seems to be a nightmare
> on some laptops (at least with some soundcard).
> So, is there anybody happy with sound (e.g. with a semi-professional
> firewire soundcard) on his laptop?
> regards
> raffaele

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