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Re: wireles network issue

Hi Marcio,

This is a question that's been coming up a lot recently on irc in #debian. 
This is from the scripted response that we use:

0. add contrib and non-free entries in your sources.list and aptitude update

1. aptitude install ipw3945-modules-2.6-686 firmware-ipw3945 ipw3945d

2. modprobe ipw3945  (this will also start the daemon. you should modprobe -r 
ipw3945 to remove the module and stop the daemon)

3. ipw3945d might complain about the kill switch in /var/log/messages. This is 
either a keystroke (like Fn+F2) or a physical switch that you need to toggle 
to turn the radio on. When the kill switch is on, the radio is off (odd way 
of expressing things, isn't it?) and your network card won't work.

4. you can then configure your network  interface in any way you want. For 
ipw3945, I've had good luck recently with NetworkManager (package 
network-manager and either network-manager-kde or network-manager-gnome) as 
it makes it much easier to set up wep, wpa etc rather than manually 
configuring it through /etc/network/interfaces or wpa_supplicant or whatever 
the current config method is for that this week.

Perhaps this should find its way to somewhere google finds easily.... perhaps 
this posting will be that place :)


Stuart Prescott                 www.nanoNANOnano.net

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