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Re: ipw3945 driver issues with Debian Sid

Al Stone wrote:
Josh Richard wrote:

Here are the details...


version: 1.7.22

Are these the modules from Debian or direct from Intel?  I'm running
a similar configuration on a Sony Vaio laptop (a sad story in itself
but left for another time...).

However, I didn't see what version of the microcode was being used
(I've got 1.14.2) nor which version of the IEEE80211 code (1.2.17).
My experience has been that as long as I use the bits direct from
Intel (http://ipw3945.sf.net) for all of the above pieces, and build
my own kernel ( right now), it all works quite well.  Oh,
and as long as I keep the revisions in sync with the recommendations
made by Intel, all is well; I've had problems when I didn't.

The last time I looked at the Debian packages, they were older than
I wanted to use and hence I ended up getting the Intel code directly.
Your tolerance for kernel building may vary.

This story is full of personal drama :)

The laptop I was using is a replacement for one which was stolen. Our computer folks ordered the incorrect model so unfortunately, I can not participate further until the correct model (6400) arrives. Same 3945 AG with the 6400.

Thanks for the suggestions.  I think your advice supports futher findings...

I recently filed a bug report with report-bug (Bug #432030). With a kubuntu live cd, wireless worked fine. I think the problem comes down to etch and sid not packaging the .0 release of the kernel module as that was the only difference in driver versions. This info is based on the 3945 project site. Other than the driver difference, no other differences were noted with kubuntu.

Details of kubuntu 7.0.4 with working module:

version:        1.2.0mp

When the 6400 arrives, I will check what is available and if the packages are updated by then, I would prefer to track what is in the sources rather than diverging. If not, hand building is fine.

Thank you all very much.

Josh Richard
Systems and Neworking
University of Minnesota Duluth

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