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Re: ipw3945 driver issues with Debian Sid

Josh Richard wrote:
Good Day,

I am having connection issues with a new laptop running the ipw3945
driver.  Hopefull something jumps out at someone.

Here are the details...

Debian sid on HP Compaq NC6320.
The wireless interface is eth2.


version: 1.7.22

Are these the modules from Debian or direct from Intel?  I'm running
a similar configuration on a Sony Vaio laptop (a sad story in itself
but left for another time...).

However, I didn't see what version of the microcode was being used
(I've got 1.14.2) nor which version of the IEEE80211 code (1.2.17).
My experience has been that as long as I use the bits direct from
Intel (http://ipw3945.sf.net) for all of the above pieces, and build
my own kernel ( right now), it all works quite well.  Oh,
and as long as I keep the revisions in sync with the recommendations
made by Intel, all is well; I've had problems when I didn't.

The last time I looked at the Debian packages, they were older than
I wanted to use and hence I ended up getting the Intel code directly.
Your tolerance for kernel building may vary.

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