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Re: Anyone happy with Dell-Ubuntu PC's?

Le samedi 7 juillet 2007 00:10, Bob Proulx a écrit :
> Steve Witt wrote:
> > I was under the impression that Thinkpads were considered to be some of
> > the best laptops and I've always wanted to try one. From your comment it
> > seems that there was a significant drop in quality/reliability when IBM
> > sold the line to Lenovo.
> I have personal experience with the T42 and T43 but not with the T60.
> The T42 and T43 machines have been great and have been very compatible.
> As far as I can see I don't think the T60 is significantly lower in
> quality but I think there has been a small incremental drop in it.
> For example the T60 keyboard I think is incrementally not as good as
> the previous ones.  All of the keys are now the same color whereas
> before they had highlights on some keys.  The same with the mouse
> buttons which are all monotone and smaller in the T60 whereas before
> they were larger and highlighted.  That little bit of color here and
> there grabs you and makes it easier to use and is a very small thing
> and has an positive impact on usability in my opinion.  They are all
> monotone in the T60.  Also the volume, mute, power, plus the special
> "thinkpad" buttons have been changed to what seems to me to be a
> cheaper key.  I am sure they are fine but they just don't seem to be
> the high quality keys that were used previously.
> All of those things are things that can be gotten used to but to me
> indicate a cost driven emphasis over a usability emphasis.  This seems
> to only be happening not all at once but as the design is changed.
> Since little has changed yet overall the machine is probably just
> fine.  But it is possibly a trend that over time the newer machines
> will be even more cost driven and have lower quality as compared to
> the previous machines.
> Just my opinion...
> Bob


Why not try the keynux laptop or system 76 laptop ? Both use standard and good 
components. And they garanti the compatibility of their laptops with Linux. 
Que demander de plus ?

Here is  the address : http://www.keynux.fr/default_zone/fr/html/home.php
The first one is in France and the second in US.

For my wife, I project to buy a keynux.


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