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Re: Anyone happy with Dell-Ubuntu PC's?

On Fri, 6 Jul 2007, George Hein wrote:

My family has had about 10 ThinkPads, but as another is dying we 'need' another laptop. Lenovo not as good as IBM and Dell avoiding the MS-tax lead me to try Dell. Any experiances? Meanwhile on my main laptop, ThinkPad-T42 with Debian I'm very happy. Been using OS/2 when it first came out for years, then switched to Linux about 7 years ago. I do not want to pay MS for their junk which I will not use.

Dell laptops seem to get a fair amount of criticism (though it seems that someone has something bad to say about any given laptop). I've got around 10 or so Dell Inspiron 8200 laptops that we bought at work a few years ago. These are now pretty old, but we still use them a lot. They have been OK for the most part, but we've had problems with displays, video cards and keyboard/touchpad. I think 2 of the 10 have been put out to pasture due to display problems after the 3 year warrenty was up. I have a 3rd that is starting to have display problems, but is still intermittant. During the warrenty period, I thought that the Dell service was pretty good. I don't have any experience with newer Dell laptops. I guess it really depends upon how long one thinks a laptop should last.

We're replacing these with new HP Compaq nw8440 laptops that are pretty nice, but are still too new to have any reliability experience with, but so far so good. My work has a deal with HP so its hard to buy another brand.

I was under the impression that Thinkpads were considered to be some of the best laptops and I've always wanted to try one. From your comment it seems that there was a significant drop in quality/reliability when IBM sold the line to Lenovo.

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