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Re: Compatiblity with Laptop Toshiba PSPB0C-RT208C

On Thu, 2007-05-07 at 12:14 -0400, Sébastien Charland wrote:
> (sorry about my english... very poor!)
> Hi, this is my fist post on Debian subscriber lists. Anyway, this is my 
> first post on a subscriber list at all.
> I'm not a person who write a lot in english. I wish you will understand me.

Your as understandable as any of the other posters, welcome!

>  I've got the Debian 4.0 r0 "Etch" DVDs and I want to install it on a Laptop 
> Toshiba satellite P200
> (PSPB0C-RT208C). It's possible (compatibility)?  Windows Vista won't give me 
> some problems (I'm expecting a dual boot)?

I'm not sure abou that model, but debian (I'm running sid at the moment)
runs nicely on my HP Pavilion ze4400. As someone else suggested you
could fire up a live CD on there and see how it goes. Both K/Ububtu and
Knoppix are debian based and will give you a good idea about what to

> Recently, someone told me about tatooed laptops. It is the case of 
> Toshiba's laptops? Do someone know?

A tatooed laptop? What is that?

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