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Re: Get wirless working

DavidDutch1964 wrote:
> I love debian. I guess we all do here.

Yes, but please don't crosspost to so many lists.

> Recently, thoguh, I had to switch to Kubuntu =only= because wireless
> on my laptop JUST WORKED.
> I have an HP zt3000 with one of those Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG
> wireless cards built in.  It has been horrible to try to get working
> despite any instructions found on the Internet. The instruction on
> the site for this (http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net/) was tricky as it
> only focused on getting that one piece working and not networking as
> a whole.

The Intel wireless hardware requires binary blobs to be loaded.  They
don't meet the Debian Free Software Guidelines and therefore cannot be
included in Debian.  Ubuntu has a looser set of rules and allows those
binary blobs to be shipped.  It is a simple matter to copy the
firmware into place if that is what you desire.  (I did.  I have the
Intel wireless too.)

> Im sure debian would shoot to the top of the list if a few more
> things (like wireless) "just worked" like it does with my Kbuntu.
> Couldn't someone work on this problem for debian - or talk to the
> ubuntu people to get a copy to be included in the next release and
> apt sources?

It is a legal/philosophical thing and not a technical thing.  The
problem is not deducing how to make it work.  The problem is making a
free driver.

> Somethings I don't mind figuring out and there is a great sense of
> accomplishment; but getting wireless working is not one of them.

Perhaps more clear instructions need to be posted...


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