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Re: [Fwd: Heathcliff for Saturday March 17, 2007]

Ian Greenhoe wrote:
> [I am *trying* not to stir up a bee's nest here, since I know that this
> is a topic on which many people have very strong opinions.]
> I emphatically agree that something needs to be done about the volumes
> of spam we are getting.

If I define spam as "mail that wastes my bandwidth and time without
being related to the list's topic" then by far the worst are the
way-off-topic threads on d-u sent in by valid users. I guess they
outnumber advertising spam by about a factor of 100.

Unless these users/contributers cannot be persuaded to cut on their
output of 'spam', any additional measures relying on automated solutions
are bound to get only a small improvement.

By the way, IIRC, the present spam filters for debian lists filter out
several hundred spam mails for every single message delivered to the
lists. On that measure the filters are almost perfect and deliver only a
tiny fraction of spam. Any kind of computer filtering is bound to have
limits. I guess we are lucky that our listmasters manage to filter out
so many of the spam mails. My gmx.de account with professional spam
filtering is far worse.

Kudos to the listmasters!


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