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Re: Probleme de dsdt

2007/3/20, dave <sdpatt2@gmail.com>:
on Tue, Mar 20, 2007 at 08:52:10AM -0500  wrote:
> on Tue, Mar 20, 2007 at 02:11:39PM +0100 Alexandre Neubert wrote:
> > In that case, I don't understand; I thought the core2 duo where 64bit
> > architecture, not 32, and since the ia64 arch is only for xeon (is that
> > right?), there is only the 386 left. Or is the ia64 the right one?
> Sorry, I wasn't clear..  i386 is the right one.
> The processor itself will handle some 64 bit instruction sets to it's
> own cache, but in your machine it needs to use the 32 bit instruction
> set to communicate over the bus.  No worries.  When the kernel and
> software are properly optimized,  it will fly for you ;)

Sweet! I had a look at a friend's lspci for your machine - it's a nice

For your kernel you can enable 64 bit memory addressing for
further optimization. The bus is still 32 bit, but memory will work
better this way...

Also, you will need to look at SATA - it's been broken out into a
seperate subdirectory in the 2.6.20 series, and you will need to enable
the intel SATA driver for your machine, and do scsi for your drives.

you can do away with atapi.

look also at enableing netfilter in the networking options for
firewalling - in the 2.6.20 kernel you will need to enable that in the
config as that's been moved as well.

Hi Dave,
There is plenty info for me. To be completely honest, I've never configured a kernel that far. But since I got this new machine, I'm willing to do the best I can to get the best performance.
I'll download a 386 iso and will install it this evening; I surely will get more info by then.

The most diffcult part will be to compile the 2.6.20 kernel; I already tried yesterday but the generated kernel did not start (hang on the DVD drivers). But I will give it another try as soon as possible.

Thanks for your effort.




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