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Re: file recovery - urgent


i would be happy to be able to do but after sleuthkit/autopsy couldn't help (and no reply from their mailing list about this) i lost nerves and invested in recreating as much of the files as possible, which needed crazy huge amounts of time but at least was the only safe bet. For the same reason i didn't got _any_ time left to try other tools, though there are quite some. Consider that operating such low-level on 30G even on a modern dualcore AMD64/2G/SATA is anything else than fast. Every run needs hours. 
Anyway, ext3 clearly is difficult to recover. The main problem is i need to restore the full pathes and filenames, it doesn't help at all to restore the file data alone. I still keep the 30G image of the laptop root partition, and i may give it another shot some day. And please spare to ask me to send the image, it would need about at least several days with our slow upload contract. Besides that there's sensible personal data too.




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