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Re: file recovery - urgent

Micha wrote:
> Hello,
> Please excuse this is not strictly debian or laptop related,
> but i'm in urgent trouble.
> I accidently deleted a folder with 3500 files on my laptop,
> just when i wanted to do a really overdue backup. 
> It's about 5 GB, nearly 3 months of work, and the last
> backup is a month ago where most of the stuff was added
> just recently, including hundreds of hours of the working time.
> When i realized what happened i shutdown the laptop. 
> The files are in the user's home on the root filesystem, 
> a journaling ext3. debian sid.
> I was so shocked i didn't look for the exact time, but i 
> think i could boil it down to a 10 minute time frame.
> I've no experience with file recovery.
> I would be able to boot into a cd or dvd which i could
> download and burn on another machine.
> I'm aware a time based recovery could mean i'd have to reinstall 
> the KDE session and do more cleanup afterward, but that's 
> absolutely unimportant, if i only could recover the files. 
> It would be worth a complete reinstall.
> Any good idea what i can do ?
> micha
> ps. And no, nothing in the trash folder, it was a real delete.
> pps. And yes, i will never again be lazy with backups. 

It would be nice, if you could report back to the list, if any of the
suggestions of this thread turned out to be useful -- even if just for
the archives.


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