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Re: Saving battery power

Thanks Thorsten.
I'm on road next week, can't tell if i got the time and the nerves to fiddle with the then-production-system ;) but i definitely  will go for it.

> Well, once I opened dozens of big-html pages in firefox. Firefox went crazy, 
> eat a lot of ram and my kernel began killing processes.

Hmmm...i would not like to risk loosing data. How about a RAM swap partition (is this possible?) 
with priority 2 and a legacy disk swap with priority 1 ? Where the disk swap hopefully would take over if ram is filled up.
> But I guess 1 GB is sufficient for desktop usage.

This laptop has 1.5G, but anyway, i think it really depends on usage.

> Btw. I created a user tmp (home is /tmp) for vaious reasons (SSH'ing to 
> dfferent hosts with same IPs, etc.) one positiv site-effect is, that I'm able 
> to start a KDE session using my ramdisk only.

That's cool. 
But is it still faster, since it get's new-installed every run  ? 
Assumed you can't save session settings ?
Or maybe you just always suspend to disk.

> none            /tmp            tmpfs   noatime,size=100M       0       0

AFAIK the defaults are: rw,suid,dev,exec,auto,nouser,async
- if that's correct you could try 'sync' too. 
Whatever that means for a ramdisk.

> Btw. You might want to set noatime for all HD partitions

I don't know if i ever needed atime at all. 
Maybe daemons like cron or stat collectors use it ? But probably not on /tmp.

> consider linking /var/log/ to /tmp/log as well.

That's also a nice idea. Perhaps it's possible to deinstall logrotate then too.
I guess we laptop users can learn a lot from knoppix ;)

> > (multimedia streams) temporarily stored in tmp.
> Don't store 'em in /tmp?

I don't know if and how to configure this behaviour. Myspace audio player for example stores mp3's in /tmp, flashplayer sometimes in /tmp/plugtemp. But usually this would not exceed say 100M or so. Well, it would work assumed i reboot sometimes or clean up /tmp by some kind of cron script.

It would be nice to collect some little reports under this thread.


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