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Re: Saving battery power


Am Montag, 12. März 2007 12:29 schrieb Michael:
> Thomas,
> this is a nice idea could you tell us if there are any implications running
> without swap ? Did you ever reach the limit, and what will happen ? 

Well, once I opened dozens of big-html pages in firefox. Firefox went crazy, 
eat a lot of ram and my kernel began killing processes. But apart from that - 
no problems.
I've 1 GB Ram here - I use KDE, Kmail, OpenOffice, etc.
But you have to be carefull. At some point, the system is unable to cache HD 
data, and the HD is spinning all the time. But I guess 1 GB is sufficient for 
desktop usage.
Imho systems with 512MB - 768MB have enough RAM to allow efficient HD caching 
in typical desktop-use scenarios. Therefore using 100MB-200MB for /tmp/ seems 
to be appropiate for me.

Btw. I created a user tmp (home is /tmp) for vaious reasons (SSH'ing to 
dfferent hosts with same IPs, etc.) one positiv site-effect is, that I'm able 
to start a KDE session using my ramdisk only.

> And 
> while we are at this, would you post your /tec/fstab line for the /tmp fs ?

none            /tmp            tmpfs   noatime,size=100M       0       0

Btw. You might want to set noatime for all HD partitions and you might want to 
consider linking /var/log/ to /tmp/log as well.

> Again, did you ever reach the limit here ? 

Sometimes, yes. But usually, no.

> My laptop is under heavy load, 
> and i launch many apps and swapping happens, and there are big files
> (multimedia streams) temporarily stored in tmp. But i like to give it a
> try.

Don't store 'em in /tmp?


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