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Re: Madwifi & Kernel Updates

On 3/3/07, David R. Litwin <presently42@gmail.com> wrote:

On 03/03/07, Baz <bazciscor@gmail.com > wrote:
Hello.  I just added the latest Linux kernel, the second update since I installed Debian in early December 2006.  I noticed with the first update (circa late December), that my wi-fi connection (Madwifi) wasn't functioning after installation.  I reconfigured it and all was well.  I've just downloaded the second update however - and, the wi-fi isn't working again.  I'm a newbie, so I'm wondering why this is.  My guess, it's because Madwifi is non-free.  Is this right?

This is not correct. Madwifi is free. That's why one should use it versus the ndiwswrapped windows driver.

The reason that your WiFi is not functional is that with every kernel-upgrade (which changes one of the three numbers; Is est; from  2.6.17 to 2.6.18) you must recompile your Madwifi driver.

There you have it. 

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David -
Thank you. 
Would this apply to any other application?  I ask, so I can recompile them as well.
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