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Wireless Roaming



I have a Madwifi based card, and it works like a charm.  I have 2 wifi networks I need to connect daily, both at home, and a 3rd one at work which I need to use weekly few times.


I have been using a really dumb script which replaces the /etc/network/interfaces file with the 3 versions I have and then restarts networking. This works, but I don’t really like it.


For me a fancy graphical program isn’t good as I use mostly a console and when I use a desktop program, I prefer a very light one, so no joy with a heavy graphical one. My laptop isn’t a champion, it’s a 887Mhz Crusoe in tiny Vaio branded box J


Is there a tool I can use for wireless roaming? I would need one I can somehow manage, as strongest signal almost never applies to me. I use in all my networks WEP with 128bit encryption, and Shared mode.


My /etc/networking/interface looks like this:


auto ath0

iface ath0 inet dhcp

pre-up iwconfig ath0 essid MYSSID

pre-up iwconfig ath0 key MYKEY128BIT

pre-up iwpriv ath0 authmode 2


Any suggestions are welcome,





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