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On 3/3/07 8:24 AM, "Freddy Freeloader" <fredddy@cableone.net> wrote:

> Florian Reitmeir wrote:
>> On Sam, 03 Mär 2007, Micha wrote:
>>> pinniped <cirilo_bernardo@yahoo.com>:
>>>> in fact you can implement much more secure communications with
>>>> absolutely no "wireless encryption" but that takes a little effort.
>>> Would you please give me an idea what you are talking about? Pure
>>> firewalling ? You probably know that anything like MAC addresses can be
>>> faked. 
>>> I once had the plan to install some tools and try to hack our own routers,
>>> but i never got the time. I fear this will not change ;/
>> just use a VPN like open VPN, it provides strong auth&encryption
> Out of curiousity, just what wireless routers are you thinking of?  The
> only wireless routers I've seen that will accept vpn connections, and
> are not pretty severely limited in their vpn capability are in the $250
> - $300 price range.  That's a pretty steep price range for most home
> users, or at least it is for me anyway.

Er, the router doesn't have to support VPN at all. You just firewall off
access to non-VPN ports at the router.

You can do this with ssh and port-forwarding, for that matter. Just tell
your wireless router to only grant access to port 22, and set up an ssh
server on the LAN. Then set up your wireless clients to port-forward through
the ssh server to all the ports that they need to talk to.

This is usually easier to accomplish if you've already got a proxy-based LAN
on the other side of the router, of course. SOCKS can help a lot, too.
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