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Re: wireless on Debian

Mr Alk3 wrote:
I am using WEP encryption, but can set up WPA etc etc. I did notice that when I was configuring the interface to connect to the WEP encrypted AP that it wasn't finding any of the WEP access point in the area.
I had a problem slightly similar to this about a year ago. I had wpa_supplicant on my laptop and it couldn't pair up with my mom's WEP access point. I could pair up with WPA's just fine... but it restarting the negotiation over and over with a WEP. Finally, I had to diable wpa_supplicant and put on waproamd for the duration of my stay at the time.

Since then, however, I think that they've fixed whatever it was in wpa_supplicant, and now it works for me for WPA and WEP.

- Joe

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