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Re: Gateway 7510GX Users

Nu-Genoa wrote:
Good morning,

I bought a Gateway 7510GX about two years ago and I've been wanting to
put linux on there. I am looking at the debian distro and wondering if
anyone here has a working, fully functional 7510GX running sarge.

The system has an internal wireless card ( Broadcom 4318 802.11b/g
Wireless ) and I heard mixed reviews about getting it to work. I guess
something to do with the FN button and actully turning the card on
then using the wrapper. I think Ubuntu has the power to turn on and
off the card but it won't connect to any network.

By the way, the wireless adapter is dubbed this chipset. Broadcom 4318
54g AirForce.

Thank you!

I don't have the same laptop, but I do have the same wireless card you do. To get your wireless going in Debian you need the NDIS drivers from Windows whether you use ndiswrapper or the bcm43xx kernel module. The reason being is you need to extract the firmware from bcmwl5.sys with the fwcutter-bcm43xx package. This card is one of the new types of cards that has the firmware reside in software rather than on the card itself. Personally, I have had better luck with ndiswrapper and the NDIS drivers than with the kernel module as I have never been able to use the bcm43xx module with wpa_supplicant and WPA. Some people, with different brands of laptops than I have, on this list have gotten the module to work with WEP, although I have not. If you're not interested in securing your wireless router the bcm43xx module works fine.

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