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Re: Gateway 7510GX Users

On Fri February 23 2007 21:28, Nu-Genoa wrote:
> Good morning,
> I bought a Gateway 7510GX about two years ago and I've been wanting to
> put linux on there. I am looking at the debian distro and wondering if
> anyone here has a working, fully functional 7510GX running sarge.
> The system has an internal wireless card ( Broadcom 4318 802.11b/g
> Wireless ) and I heard mixed reviews about getting it to work. I guess
> something to do with the FN button and actully turning the card on
> then using the wrapper. I think Ubuntu has the power to turn on and
> off the card but it won't connect to any network.
> By the way, the wireless adapter is dubbed this chipset. Broadcom 4318
> 54g AirForce.

I don't have one of these toys to play with but from what I have read support 
for these cards is in the kernel tree now. Have you tried one of the recent 
etch installers? Might be worth trying out.

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