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Re: wifi failed after hibernate

Micha wrote:
This was extensively discussed in <http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=365613>

I agree there should be an explicit debconf message, because wifi
connection can be a serious issue for roaming laptops. And yet it's also true we use to deal with unstable/experimental, and should be prepared to lookup the Debian News.gz patiently when something broke, e.g. by installing apt-listchanges....while I admit i use to wait for breaking ;) after all, unstable doesn't break things very often.
It's actually quite good (*big thx to the maintainers*)
But be careful with expeimental.

It was a kind of border case, i think.


I agree. For a system that undergoes daily change Sid breaks very rarely. And on an off topic note..... My main desktop started life as Woody, moved to Sarge, then to Etch, and has been running Sid for the last year. I also used apt-pinning to run a combination of Sarge, Etch and Sid for a while. This has happened while I've been learning Debian too so the poor machine has been abused a lot. IMO, it's quite a tribute to the quality and stability of Debian that it has survived all the upgrades and abuse. I couldn't imagine what a borked-up mess a Windows system would be if someone tried doing to it what I've done to my Debian desktop for the last few years. None of my Windows installs lasted more than 6 to 9 months without having to be rebuilt with what I put my systems through.

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