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Re: wifi failed after hibernate

Joe Emenaker wrote:
Stuart Prescott wrote:
[1] <rant>Long story... when I was setting this system up that was the recommended way to do it. It worked really well for me. Then the wpa_supplicant maintainers changed their minds...
I was similarly pissed about the change. I didn't notice the change until I had upgraded all of my boxes and, by that time, the /etc/init.d script for wpasupplicant had vanished without a trace and I started cleaning my guns and looking up the names of the wpa-supplicant maintainers. :) Fortunately (for them *and* me), I was able to find an earlier wpa-supplicant in /var/cache/apt/archives, installed it, made safe copies of my beloved /etc/init.d/wpa* and /etc/wpa* scripts and confs, then re-upgraded, and *then* fixed the scripts all back to how they're supposed to work.

I forget why they changed it. I think it was to make it more compatible with kwifimanager or something like that. Likewise, I don't remember exactly why I concluded that the new method was unsuitable for my needs at the time. (I *think* it was because I wanted my laptop to automatically associate with any open AP if it didn't see any of the ones I told it about). I do remember that several other people were asking "WTF?" because they were in the same boat as me.

Perhaps someone here on the list can fill us in on if the "new way" of wpasupplicant has finally become accessible to those of us who had problems with it right after the change....

- Joe
I have never had this specific problem, but I ran into the confusing change in wpa_supplicant on a laptop rebuild a while back. I figured that change out and actually thought it was quite an improvement. It is now much less work configuring wpa_supplicant. All you do is place the wpa_supplicant configuration in /etc/network/interfaces itself. There are no other scripts, configuration files, etc... needed. I am not now on my laptop so I can't just give you the exact syntax I use but you can find the new method of configuration in /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/README.Debian.

The last change I have seen is a very pleasant one. My laptop will now automatically pick up any open access point when my home wireless network isn't available, and, I have made no changes in wireless configuration, or configured roaming on any of my wireless adapter settings in /etc/network/interfaces. It was a very pleasant surprise when I found this out. I was showing a friend my laptop with Debian on it, as he has a very similar laptop with XP Pro that doesn't perform nearly as well. I I showed him how well Totem plays DVD's and he was astonished as his laptop drops so many frames, as did mine when when I first got it with XP, that they are all but unwatchable, and found I had working internet connection. There happens to be a public access point just down the block from his store, and my laptop connected with no action taken on my part at all.

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