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Re: laptop network routing

Florian Reitmeir wrote:
On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Ratiu Petru wrote:

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Ivan Glushkov wrote:

I am looking for an application/script, which will do internal routing
for my laptop, and will dynamically choose the better network interface
to use. I.e., when I disconnect my NIC, it will continue my ongoing ssh
session over wireless, and vice versa, if the ping through the LAN would
be faster.. Any ideas?
There was recently an article on the Debian Administration site that
mentioned the idea of bonding the ethernet and the wireless interface, and
it seems to fit your requirements:


Have fun :)

i think briding would be better.

simple bridge wireless and wired network, and enable spanning tree. then the
kernel also should always use the faster link (untested).

Isn't this what network manager is supposed to do? I know if I have both a wired and a wireless adapter making connection to different routers (both actually use the same ultimate gateway) that if I disconnect my wired connection the wireless connection automatically takes over. Now that's just surfing the net and I've never tried it with ssh or a vpn so I am unsure if this would work with ssh.

I have verified this using a sniffer (wireshark) and all traffic was going through eth0 until I pulled the wireless connection and then all traffic went to eth1. Of course, if you are using static IP addresses or a wireless adapter that is configured with wpa_supplicant this will not work with network manager.

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