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Re: laptop network routing

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Ratiu Petru wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Ivan Glushkov wrote:
> > I am looking for an application/script, which will do internal routing
> > for my laptop, and will dynamically choose the better network interface
> > to use. I.e., when I disconnect my NIC, it will continue my ongoing ssh
> > session over wireless, and vice versa, if the ping through the LAN would
> > be faster.. Any ideas?
> There was recently an article on the Debian Administration site that
> mentioned the idea of bonding the ethernet and the wireless interface, and
> it seems to fit your requirements:
> http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/312
> Have fun :)

i think briding would be better.

simple bridge wireless and wired network, and enable spanning tree. then the
kernel also should always use the faster link (untested).

Florian Reitmeir

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