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Re: laptop network routing

Ivan Glushkov wrote:
> > when I disconnect my NIC, it will continue my ongoing ssh session over wireless

If i understand you right you waynt to switch interfaces underlaying any running session
(browser, ssh, whatever), on the fly. Probably the two interfaces should also use one 
common IP and MAC, and possibly the same (kernel) socket.
I think the easiest way to implement that would be a kind of NAT routing, where the ssh 
session gets established by the 'outside' IP (and MAC) which gets mapped to different 
clients internally. I don't know what would be the right software to run, then - maybe 
some iptables are enough, or maybe routed, or even ipcop ?
Or maybe there's an easy way i just can't imagine - anyone else ?

A related question that comes to my mind is how to bundle wifi and lan,
and if that could achieve a faster doanload (i think the bottleneck usually 
is the router or the downstream contract with provider, but anyway...).
I'd be glad if someone knows a HOWTO, or a tool for that.

Ratiu Petru <petre@lsd.ro>:
> http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/312
As far as i can see Alexandres article is dealing with standard task, only.
> Have fun :)

You can't imagine how much fun i have


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