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Re: [fwd] Re: sound card problem (no /proc/asound/sndstat)

I didn't read the complete thread, please excuse 
if you already went through this steps.

Long Li,

I assume your sound card works under Win.
and you already booted a recent Knoppix and 
it doesn't work either.
Then, google the kernel lists for your sound chip. 
You probably need to know the exact revision 
number. Ensure this also by Win system tools, 
preferably provided by the laptop company, and 
BIOS (or even visually).

Prepare to compile a custom test kernel with 
SND_VIA82XX, and PCI Bus Debugging  
and Sound Driver Debugging enabled, also 
SND_VERBOSE_PROCFS. (Try to google a 
proper config template for your machine). 
Configure PCI Bus and Device Drivers -> DMA 
Engine settings. 
You can probably enable PCI Express.

Some VIA chips are known to be icky, but there 
are workarounds which can be enabled in the 
kernel config and via module-loading parameters.

If Florian wasn't able to find a solution then
it should be a real hard one ;) and you probably 
would need help/docu from the driver developers.

Two of the Guys familiar with your chip are Karsten 
Wiese, and Jaroslav Kysela, try googling them on 

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