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Re: Unknown wireless PCMCIA CARD

you can try with:
# cardctl ident
that should show you info about the pcmcia card and about the drivers
loaded (or not loaded) for that card.
Then you should search for drivers if they aren't already present on
your machine, build them and load them.
If there are no drivers for your pcmcia card, you should consider
using ndiswrapper that uses windows drivers in linux and hope that it
supports your pcmcia card.
Good luck,
On 2/11/07, Marek Straka <marek.straka@gmail.com> wrote:
I would like to use my PCMCIA wlan card in Linux.

Producer: Askey
Model: WLC060

dmesg delivers:

thinkpad kernel: pccard: PCMCIA card inserted into slot 1
thinkpad kernel: cs: memory probe 0xf0000000-0xf7ffffff: excluding
thinkpad kernel: cs: memory probe 0xd0200000-0xdfffffff: excluding
0xd0200000-0xd11fffff 0xd1a00000-0xd61fffff 0xd6a00000-0xd71fffff
0xd7a00000-0xd81fffff 0xd8a00000-0xd91fffff 0xd9a00000-0xda1fffff
0xdaa00000-0xdb1fffff 0xdba00000-0xdc1fffff 0xdca00000-0xdd1fffff
0xdda00000-0xde1fffff 0xdea00000-0xdf1fffff 0xdfa00000-0xe01fffff
thinkpad kernel: pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia1.0

lspci  ...  shows nothing

What to do?

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