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Re: Missing C-States on Core Duo

On Sun, 4 Feb 2007 16:19:01 +0100 Frank Ursel wrote:

> On my laptop [1] shows a maximum of 8 c-states. But only 3 are in use.
> Where are the others gone? The output of dmesg[2] shows only three of
> them, too. The max_cstate reports 8 so whats wrong with my system? As
> far as I know, there should be at least a C4-state. Is there any
> parameter, I need to pass through the kernel or is it a damn
> limitation of my system or what else went wrong? The laptop is a
> Fujitsu-Siemens S7110 and I'm using a brand new Etch.

Unload the usb modules, and your lost C-states will reappear :(
Damn USB.

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