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Re: iTunes & Linux (Debian)

On Wednesday 27 December 2006, Angelo Bertolli wrote:
> Maybe I don't disagree with you about your sentiments, but is there
> any other service like iTunes that doesn't use DRM? That's the real
> problem to me: finally we get to actually pick which songs we want
> and only buy those, and they make it so we can't hardly listen to
> them. I'm sure this is much more a concession that Apple made to get
> the RIAA to go along with it though.
emusic.com (subscription, MP3's (lame --preset [fast?] standard I 
magnatune.com (my favourite, but they have a much smaller selection 
compared to emusic or iTS)
cdbaby.com (they sell CDs I think)
Matt Sicker

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