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Missing C-States on Core Duo


On my laptop [1] shows a maximum of 8 c-states. But only 3 are in use.
Where are the others gone? The output of dmesg[2] shows only three of
them, too. The max_cstate reports 8 so whats wrong with my system? As
far as I know, there should be at least a C4-state. Is there any
parameter, I need to pass through the kernel or is it a damn limitation
of my system or what else went wrong? The laptop is a Fujitsu-Siemens
S7110 and I'm using a brand new Etch.


#cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/power
active state:            C3
max_cstate:              C8
bus master activity:     00000000
    C1:                  type[C1] promotion[C2] demotion[--] latency[000] 
    			   usage[00000010] duration[00000000000000000000]
    C2:                  type[C2] promotion[C3] demotion[C1] latency[001] 
    			   usage[00183552] duration[00000000001148620078]
   *C3:                  type[C3] promotion[--] demotion[C2] latency[017] 
      			   usage[02908432] duration[00000000028862116228]

#dmesg | grep "power states"
ACPI: CPU0 (power states: C1[C1] C2[C2] C3[C3])
ACPI: CPU1 (power states: C1[C1] C2[C2] C3[C3])

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