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Re: Broadcom Wireless & Etch on HP Compaq nx6325

SAJChurchey wrote:
> ...
> I've loaded the bcm43xx module and added it to /etc/modules. I've also
> downloaded bcm43xx-fwcutter from http://bcm43xx.berlios.de/ to extract
> the firmware from my desired SYS file, and I've dropped the files
> into /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware. I added an entry for wlan0 in /etc/
> network/interfaces, but whenever I try to configure the device with
> iwconfig, it says that no such device exists.
> ...

Which name does the device get? Look for it with the command
  ifconfig -a
or even better just
which will tell you if the hardware is detected. If there is no device
take a look in /var/log/dmesg or issue
and watch out for relevant messages.

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