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Re: Debian 2.6.17-9 Cisco Aironet 350 can't get a compiled module to run

Daniel J. Axtens wrote:
 (I have tried many .config w/o any success).
Have you tried extracting the config from the running kernel?

I'm not sure if the default kernel includes it at '/proc/config.gz',
and I'm at school I'm not in a position to check - can someone confirm
this? If it does, you can do something like 'zcat /proc/config.gz >
.config; make menuconfig' and start from there. You might also find a
config file in /boot/, but again, I can't check that.


Hi Daniel,

thanks for you suggestion. Yes there is indeed a config into the /boot directory which I can use to double check. I will do tomorrow and let you know the outcome.
Have a nice day,

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