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Debian 2.6.17-9 Cisco Aironet 350 can't get a compiled module to run

Hi all,

not sure using the proper NG, but let's have try I having an old HP Omnibook900 and I'm compiling an optimized Linux image for it under Debian distro. When using the defacto package from Debian the pcmcia card is configured an work like a charm. When I do use my compiled kernel I have always the same problem (I have tried many .config w/o any success). The card is recognized in both cases (Yenta CardBus Bridge) and I do have equivalent dmesg, but with my compiled module I always have the

airo(eth0): BAP error 4000 0
airo(eth0): Bad size 2630
airo(eth0): BAP error 4000 0
airo(eth0): Bad size 2636
airo(eth0): airo: BAP setup error too many retries

I look at any possible google tips prior getting here asking stupid questions. At cisco web side it's all now protected and inaccessible the other available driver on sourceforge project page seems to have been abandoned.
I'am alone in that case? Anyone with a working suggestion?

Thanks in anticipation,

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