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Re: sony tx1xp fan control

I'm sending this back to the list as it might be useful for archive readers

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 14:09:42 +0000
Minty <mintywalker@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 1/16/06, Andrei Popescu <andreimp@rdslink.ro> wrote:
> > I do 'echo 3 > /proc/acpi/fan/FAN/state' to stop it
> > (which also puts it back in auto mode). The sub-dirs
> > will vary, but you need to find the corresponding state
> > file of your fan (somewhere in /proc/acpi/) and echo
> > the state (which also depends on the laptop).
> > By the way, i have a HP Omnibook 6000
> See, that is the problem.
> /proc/acpi/fan
> is empty.  Which I'm guessing means that the acpi on this machine
> cannot detect the fans.
> but I was kind of hoping someone would have a fix ...

Do you have a 'fan' module loaded? If not what do you have in the kernel messages about acpi?

You could post the output of 'lsmod' and 'dmesg'

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