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Wireless WEP

I can get my wireless to associate to the AP with WEP enabled, but can't get
an IP address.  The AP is a netgear WG302 with current firmware.

When I've needed to use a WEP protected AP (such as in a cafe), I
belive I've used just

    iwconfig eth1 essid <name>
    iwconfig eth1 key <key>  (or s:<text key>)

My home wireless is run unsecured, just without the SSID broadcast.  I
use ssh for everything.

I'm now trying to enable WEP.  So I setup a key on the base station.
The AP is selected for 128 bit WEP (although it allows entry of any number
of characters).  So if I enter 13 digits:

    A7D5CFE7B0B7EB11E51817FEB4  (generates this key)

I can get my laptops (iBook/Tiger and Linux) to associated with the AP (the
AP shows the MACs of the interfaces) but I can't get the laptops on
to get an IP address with dhclient.  If I turn off WEP on the AP then
I can use dhclient without any problem.

On the iBook I'm selecting "WEP 40/128-bit ASCII" and it will only
allow either 5 or 13 chars input.  On Linux I'm using key s:1234567890123.

Anyone see what I'm doing incorrectly?

Any tricks to debugging this?  Am I just setting something up

I'm running Prims54 on the Linux laptop, and IIRC WPA isn't working
with that driver yet.

Bill Moseley

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