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Re: Inserting nvidia kernel module on AMD 64 (solved)

Steffen Klemer skrev:

Am 2005.12.29 19:37 schrieb(en) Anders E. Andersen:

I have an Asus A6Q (Km) laptop with an nvidia geforce go video adaptor. The laptop has a Turion64 CPU. I am using Debian unstable (AMD64) installed using the Etch beta netboot installer.

I followed the instructions on creating the nvidia kernel module. Using regular x86 distro I could install the package and do a modprobe nvidia to load the module. Now I switched to the AMD64 distro, and the module (rebuild completely) wont install. I get these errors in dmesg after I modprobe nvidia:

nvidia: Unknown symbol register_ioctl32_conversion
nvidia: Unknown symbol unregister_ioctl32_conversion

Acording to the amd64 info I have been able to find, this should 'just work'.

Are you sure you installed the amd64 version of the module-source? With kernel-package you have to remove /usr/src/modules/nvidia and untar /usr/src/nvidia-source... again.

And there are some known problems with the latest 2.6.15-rc kernels.

I was just about to reply to my own post, because I found out what the problem was, with help from the maintainer.

There is a patch here there deals with this issue.


I still can't get X to start up though. It complains that it cannot find a mode that fits the displays (the laptop lcd) hsync range. I have no clue what that is about.


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