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Debian Sarge on Tosiba: PCMCIA problem

Hi all,

I've a problem with pcmcia on my laptop (Hamlet Fe1500 net card): at boot the loading of pcmcia freezes the system (I renamed the S20pcmcia in /etc/rc2.s and /etc/rc3.d): the same happened when installation takes place, but the insertion of the card solved the problem : what is the difference between the installation and the present configuration for this different behaviour? (I experienced a similar problem with mdk9.2 on the same laptop, with mdk8.2 the pcmcia worked fine).

I joined for the first time debian, afraid for 'mithic' difficulty of debian installation: my surprise is a clean, well documented and granular (I install what I want) system: You did a good job.

Hi, giuliano

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