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RE: Compaq Presario 1255 sound and touchpad under Debian?

--> From: Florian Reitmeir [mailto:florian@reitmeir.org]
--> Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 5:17 AM

--> > --> > Firefox seems to handle flash better than Modzilla does - can I apt-get
--> > --> > remove "Modzilla Web Browser" and "Modzilla Composer" now?
--> > --> sure you can.
--> > Thanks - after I posted I figured the tools would tell me if 
--> > these were depended upon by other modules - I'll give this a try later.
--> > apt-get remove <package>

Couldn't figure out what to remove - seemed like anything I found and choose had dependencies that would remove core things that Firefox uses. Maybe I just need to remove the aliases to the Modzilla Web Browser... Are there specific packages to remove?

--> > --> please post the output of
--> > --> lspci
--> > 
--> There is no soundcard listet here. So your card is a non PCI, 
--> which means in
--> this case it is an ISA card. So you have to try.. 
--> in the dir /lib/modules/<kernek version>/kernel/sound/isa/
--> should be some modules.. 

Don't have the sound directory, just

--> you can load them using modprobe, and with dmesg you can 
--> control if it was
--> successfully. 
--> so no ALSA is loaded. If a module is loaded and a soundcard 
--> found, it file
--> should exsist and populated with the alsa devices.

--> From: Adrien Caillot [mailto:yokaunix@free.fr]
--> Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 6:05 AM
--> Windows said it was an "ESS Audiodrive 1869".
--> It works with my 2.4.27 kernel with the "sb" module :
--> modprobe sb irq=5

okay - seems like great information - but how do I use that to get my sound to work?

#modprobe sb irq=5


last few lines returned are
isapnp: Scanning for PnP cards...
isapnp: No Plug & Play device found
Soundblaster audio driver Copyright (C) by Hannu Savolainen 1993-1996
sb: No ISAPnP cards found, trying standard ones...
SB 3.01 detected OK (220)
ESS chip ES1869 detected

Got a .wav file to play! But the volume control in the GUI stays stuck and returns to zero by itself - and there is no sound from web pages in Firefox. Will try again tomarrow.

--> For the touchpad, I just said to Xfree that it was a PS/2 mouse and it 
--> works well.

I think maybe I'm being to optimistic. I have a USB mouse plugged in and was expecting both the touchpad and that to both work at the same time. Should the USB mouse be hot swappable? The touchpad and the USB mouse both work but mutually exclusive?

- Zake

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