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Re: Hot CPU after hibernate (Dell Inspiron 4100)

On Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 10:38:25AM -0800, Ian Greenhoe wrote:
> Is there evidence of a lot of processes being created?  (If you run ps
> twice in a row, are the PIDs relatively close to each other?  Relatively
> close == within about 4 on a lightly loaded machine.)

Almost identical.

> Another thought is to try killing applications/daemons until your CPU
> stops getting hot (as a diagnostic.)

I tried killing off everything I thought I could get away with, to no
obvious effect.

> I suspect that if you track it down to a process (or two), you will
> find that there is some common thread where they are using some part
> of your hardware before you hibernate, and they are getting really
> confused due to the hibernate (and they will need to be restarted
> after hibernation).  My machine has a problem with XMMS in that
> regard:  Anything that is *actively* using the sound when I hibernate
> will not be able to use the sound after hibernating (until I restart
> the offending process.)

(nod) On a hunch, I tried adding the NAS deamon to the RestartServices
line in hibernate.conf, but that didn't help.

On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 10:42:47PM -0800, Graziano Obertelli wrote:
> the load average above 2 doesn't seem to agree with the machine been
> idle.

(nod) I checked that:  immediately after resume, the load average is
high (I've seen it above 4), but after a while it goes back down to
zero if I leave it idle, and the temperature is still acting up.

> Do you have kernel panics  (dmesg)?

Not that I could see.  I've attached the output of dmesg, with the
suspend/resume point marked.

> Have you tried to remove some of the modules (wireless usb ...) to see
> if they print errors?

You mean rmmod?  Yeah, I tried removing everything I thought I could get
away with (that it would let me rmmod, at least), to no obvious effect.
I've already got hibernate configured to unload "blacklisted" modules,
which appears to include usb, and I shouldn't have any wireless modules
loaded when the card isn't installed.  I tried setting UnloadAllModules
in hibernate.conf, but not only did that not appear to help, it weirds
the display on resume (well, I'm not entirely sure of that causality;
the system *was* kind of hot at that point, and I may have been changing
other settings at the same time).

One other possibility I've come across in my further research is a BIOS
upgrade.  I'm currently running revision A03, and there's an A13 upgrade
available from Dell.  I've been putting it off as long as possible,
though, on grounds of nervousness; I haven't been able to find
confirmation that A13 works with Linux, and AIUI, if you botch the BIOS,
there's nothing left to fall back on.  That'll probably have to be my
next step, though.


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