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Re: Intel ipw2200 firmware strangeness


> I just bought a new laptop and I'm running Ubuntu 5.10 on it with the
> latest kernel The laptop is a MSI megabook s260 with the
> centrino plattform and a Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG (rev 05) wlan card.
> My computer detects the card just fine, but it loads the wrong firmware.
> I get this when i boot the computer up:
> /ipw2200: ipw-2.2-boot.fw load failed: Reason -2
> ipw2200: Unable to load firmware: 0xFFFFFFFE
> /
> So, I thought that it would work fine if I just installed a new firmware
> (ipw-2.3) and placed it in /lib/hotplug/firmware/ but the 2.3-firmware
> obiously doesn't load.

Kernel 2.6.14 includes an old version (1.0.0) of the ipw2200 driver
that searches for the 2.2 version of the firmware. Either use the
external module or 2.6.15-rc2 if you want a new version of the driver
(and WPA-PSK encryption for example).

> So my question is; where should i put the firmware so that hotplug can
> load it properly?

I put it in /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/ as said in the installation
guide[1] and it works ok (I use Debian). Check your hotplug scripts.
But anyway, doesn't ubuntu 5.10 support this wireless card out of the
box? A friend of mine told me he had Wifi connectivity during the
installation process...

[1] http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net/INSTALL section 10

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