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Re: 16 mb problem

On 02/11/05, Derek Broughton <news@pointerstop.ca> wrote:
> LOL.  Actually, I don't think Windows 98 will run in 16MB - but I know for a
> fact that Win95 will.  CDs are pretty easy to find in any decent sized
> corporate or government office.  Whenever I feel a real need for one I can
> find one in the office. Odds are, they'd even be legal (at least you'd get
> a disk complete with license key, and the computer it was originally sold
> with is now scrap).

Careful. Many OEM Windows licenses "live and die" with the hardware.
They're non-transferrable, and are thus invalid if used on a machine
other than the one it was originally supplied on.

As an aside, the old OEM license used to allow for refunds, but
they've taken that out now too. If you buy a PC now with Windows (XP)
pre-installed, you cannot get a refund for Windows only, you have to
return the OS and the hardware together.

Not sure what the license is for shop-bought (non-OEM) Windows
licenses as I've never bought one and thus haven't read it.


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