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Re: 16 mb problem

Sebastian Tennant wrote:

> Matej Cepl wrote:
>> Ogz wrote:
>>>What do you suggest? Do i have to install x-window-system, is there any
>>>window-environment that doesnt require x-window package?
>> I am sorry but I am afraid that the answers are "get better computer",
>> "yes, definitively", "M$-Windows 98" (it has much less requirements for
>> hardware, I believe).
> What are you on Matej?  Even if were worth considering, where can you find
> a copy of Windows 98 easily?  You definitely can't download one!!!

LOL.  Actually, I don't think Windows 98 will run in 16MB - but I know for a
fact that Win95 will.  CDs are pretty easy to find in any decent sized
corporate or government office.  Whenever I feel a real need for one I can
find one in the office. Odds are, they'd even be legal (at least you'd get
a disk complete with license key, and the computer it was originally sold
with is now scrap).
> Stick with Linux, x-window-core and any number of lightweight window
> managers.

That same 16MB Windows machine ran KDE 2 (albeit badly)

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