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Re: 16 mb problem

On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 16:52 -0500, Matej Cepl wrote:

> Did anybody actually tried to *work* with X-Window on 16MB RAM? And to run
> some useful applications on that?

I tried it 1994 with a slackware 1.0 and was proud seeing an xterm on
the b/w-screen attached to my 486/66. It wasn't usable at all and I went
back using the virtual consoles without X11. 

With a faster CPU, a modern HDD, enough swap space ... I don't believe,
that you can't work at all: the SPARC IPX with 16MB RAM here next to me
was a CAD workstation for three years. But you'll get back in software
history: forget eclipse, tomcat, zope, plone, firefox & kde.


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