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Re: Instalation problem Debian, Fedora Windows

It shouldn't matter that Fedora and Windows are already installed, so
long as your Debian installation didn't overwrite either.  You'll just
have to add the Fedora entry to your



You'll probably have to do this manually, with a text editor, but give the


script a chance, then check your menu.lst file to see if update-grub
changed anything.

If update-grub worked, great.  If not, have no fear.  To find out the
partitions on your hard drives, execute (as root)

fdisk -l

This will tell you the partition structure of your disk(s).  From here,
you simply add the appropriate lines to grub:

title         Fedora Core 4
/* x is the hard drive of Fedora's /boot, y is the partition number of
/boot (starting from zero).  For example, if Fedora's /boot directory is
located on hda1, then the corresponding line is root (hd0,0).  If
Fedora's boot is on /dev/hdc3, then you need root (hd2,2). */
root         (hdx,y)  
kernel     <path to kernel> root=<device of kernel> ro
initrd      <path to initrd file (usually /boot/initrd.img-foo)

Hope this helps, and let us know what problems you run into along the way.


Ait Bouizargane Mohamed wrote:

> Miguel Alvarez Ramirez a écrit :
>> Hi.
>> I have now Windows Xp and Fedora Core4 installed in my computer. I
>> want to install Debian Sarge to try my ipw2200 In the Acer TM 4100 (
>> Yes, I am ;OP) But when i have installed Debian I have broken the
>> Grub instalation and I can only start Debian and Windows...(Fedora is
>> necesary for job, no for pleasure ;O)
>> I have installed Debian partition in / . and in the MBR
>> My ask is who can i install Debian with Fedora and windows at the
>> same time? I must install debian in another path(/ home ...) or in
>> the MBR or in the /dev/hda6 (in my case).
>> Details:
>> Hda2 windows
>> Hda5 Fedora in the path / and grub in the  MBR
>> hda6 (i want Debian) (During the instalation I put in the MBR and i
>> lose Fedora)
>> Thanks
> I have the same problem :-(

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