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Instalation problem Debian, Fedora Windows

I have now Windows Xp and Fedora Core4 installed in my computer. I want to install Debian Sarge to try my ipw2200 In the Acer TM 4100 ( Yes, I am ;OP) But when i have installed Debian I have broken the Grub instalation and I can only start Debian and Windows...(Fedora is necesary for job, no for pleasure ;O)
I have installed Debian partition in / . and in the MBR
My ask is who can i install Debian with Fedora and windows at the same time? I must install debian in another path(/ home ...) or in the MBR or in the /dev/hda6 (in my case).
Hda2 windows
Hda5 Fedora in the path / and grub in the  MBR
hda6 (i want Debian) (During the instalation I put in the MBR and i lose Fedora)


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