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Re: suspend problems


> I've got Acer Travelmate 4050-series laptop (don't remember the
> exact model, I can check it later if it's important). It works quite
> well with Debian, the only problem is suspend/resume function, which
> is annoying because the system takes ages to boot (I'm using KDE and
> lots of daemons and I need them). What I got now is:
> - standby works, but the machine takes too much power in this mode so
>   it's not much use,
> - suspend to RAM works - but resume doesn't, the screen stays blank,
>   the HDD becomes very busy, the keyboard doesn't work (even the special
>   keys) and I have to poweroff the machine to get it back to a usable
>   state,
> - suspend to disk doesn't work at all.
> Anything I can do about it? I heard that some modules cause problems
> with suspend and they should be unloaded, then loaded back, there are
> some scripts for that. Where do I put these scripts and which modules
> might be problematic?

which vga adapter is in your laptop?
have you tried the the kernel parameters:

        acpi_sleep=     [HW,ACPI] Sleep options
                        Format: { s3_bios, s3_mode }
                        See Documentation/power/video.txt
(see kernel documentation, kernel-parameters)

normally, if you use an 2.6er kernel an your bios isn't too buggy a
should bring you back your display.

For Suspend in general, install the hibernation package.. 

Florian Reitmeir

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