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Re: laptop sendmail

> A fairly common problem these days - especially for laptops.
> If you always wish to send mail from one account (ie, work) - a VPN is
> the safest solution; that way you avoid SPF and other spam detection
> issues.
> Another approach, that I use on my laptops, is to use the Debian
> sendmail hooks for ifup/ifdown (via dhcp/ppp) to customize the sendmail
> configuration based upon what network you attach to.

There is another quite elegant approach for laptops. It is known by
"mail using UUCP other SSH" and I have been using it for some days
now. It works great whether you are home or anywhere else. It requires
you to have root access on a machine capable of handling your mail

Some links :
(french) http://linuxfr.org/2001/04/08/3065.html

A free service to host your mail domain with this method :

And a basic howto for Debian (by me)

Don't know if I'm on topic with this, but anyway it may solves some
laptop's users problems and it is simpler than a VPN.


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