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Re: WiFi Problems (It doesn't work properly)

Alrigh. Before I was so rudely interrupted by the Evacuation of my College, I had foudn some thing out: The wireless works fine here.

This means that there is definitely some thing wrong with the way I set up the Nework at my home: It isn't Linux or the Driver; it is some thing else.

Now, cat /etc/resolv.conf gives this at College:

search dawsoncollege.qc.ca

And this when at Home:

search no-domain-set.bellcanada

Now that the field has been lessened, perhaps why can finaly put an end to this.?

Some one had mentioned DNS. Me thinks I brushed it off too soon. It sounds very plausible. How can I find out if this is the problem and how can I, moreover, fix it?

Thank you Kindly.

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